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Today’s Motorcycle Ride on Janus Rides Ep. 3 | Crowlers & Crew

In the latest video for Janus Rides, Jordan and I went for a motorcycle ride to Iechyd Da Brewing Company. It’s a trip I’ve made several times, as it’s my favorite place to go in Elkhart, Indiana. We went for a ride to pick up some crowlers for the crew at the end of the day. A crowler is a large can that breweries fill at the tap and seal for take out. It’s a great way to pick up your favorite local brew if they don’t normally distribute it. 

As you’ll see in the video, we take off on the Halcyon #JMC-574 (our area code, not numerical representation) and Phoenix #033. The Phoenix is outfitted with our stock cafe racer seat and our sport handlebars. The sport bars are a little more narrow than the stock bars and give you a more aggressive riding experience. I personally go back and forth on which set of handlebars I like the most. Either way, the Phoenix is a lot of fun leaning hard into any curves in the road. The lightweight, thin design makes it easy to “whip it” around! Swing by our shop to try it yourself.

I talk in the video about the family feeling of working at Janus, and it’s true. Janus has always had a tight-knit atmosphere, and the leaders always try to make sure everyone here feels welcome. I particularly enjoy our Friday hangouts. We almost always have lunch together as a team. Lately, we’ve been grilling out a lot on the patio outside. Grant enjoys making brats, hot dogs, and burgers. Our engineer, Ken, has been bringing homegrown sweet corn to grill up as well. Afterward we get back to work for the day and shut it down early around 4:30 or so, depending on the workload (some days are crazier than others). This is a great time to kick back and enjoy each other while we celebrate the hard work we’ve done that week.

2020 has been a wild year for everybody, Janus is no exception. We were shut down for about 6 weeks this spring before getting back to work. Our lead time went from 5-6 weeks to 13-15 weeks. We’ve gotten it back down to 8-10 weeks at the time of writing this blog. We’re staying on schedule building bikes every week, and we’re working with our close suppliers to ensure we’re all doing our part to keep motorcycles flowing through the production process, from little laser cut tabs to the final certification. It really does take a team effort, and we take that seriously at Janus Motorcycles! Cheers!



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