How a Janus is Made

Scroll through time to learn how each handcrafted
component that goes into your new classic motorcycle gets built.

  • It all starts with an order

    It’s easy to order a Janus! We do it a little differently but it is all very easy. You can purchase available inventory immediately from our website, design and order your own custom Janus, or just give us a call or email to get all of your questions answered.

  • Metal Fabrication

    We go to great lengths to make as many pieces of our motorcycles as close to home as possible. Thanks to our network of in-house and local craftspeople, the majority of the motorcycle is made within 20 miles of our HQ in Goshen, IN. That includes metal work like frames, tanks, handlebars, front forks, front and rear swingarms, and exhaust. We’re actively working to bring more components in-house and are convinced that there are few places other than Elkhart County that would allow Janus Motorcycles to operate as it does.

  • Halcyon 450 Oil Lines

    Another example of what we make in-house is the oil lines for the 450 motorcycles. Though the engine is air-cooled, there is an oil cooler that requires running lines around the motorcycle.

  • Fuel Tanks

    One piece that is outsourced to our local partners is our fuel tanks. Made of aluminum, the iconic shape is what capture the essence of our classic design.

  • Fender Forming

    After outsourcing our fenders for years to a local company, we decided to bring the process in house. Not only was this faster, but we were able to keep a close eye on quality control and the results speak for themselves. Using time-tested techniques, each fender on all of our motorcycles is hand-formed from a flat sheet of steel to the rigid and beautiful final shape. We utilize a proprietary method created by Joe Cooper of Cooper Smithing Co.

  • Machining

    Some of the most intricate components of our motorcycles are made just down the road by a local machinist. From the beautiful top plate to the slide needle of the carburetor on the 250s, these parts are often overlooked but show the true commitment to sourcing all that we can locally.

  • Powder coat

    The paint on all three of our models is powder coat. That applies to the frame and what we call our primary color pieces — tanks, fenders, headlight bucket, and airbox. We find that powder coat gives us a durable finish that can be repaired and matches the classic aesthetic of our motorcycles.

  • Pinstriping

    Once we receive the parts back from powder coat, Kelly hand pinstripes and applies all of the graphics to the motorcycle. With single or double pinstripes and a variety of colors available, the possible color combinations are nearly endless.

  • The Milk Run

    Everyday, a van departs Janus HQ to do what we call the “milk run” — picking up, delivering, and moving parts to and from our network of local partners. Due to a large portion of our partners being Amish, we move pieces around for them as well.

  • Final Assembly

    Once all of the pieces are painted, pinstriped, and back at our HQ in Goshen, IN, the final assembly is scheduled. Ryan, Jonah, or Kyle will put your motorcycle together. It all starts with a frame on one of our four build stands.

  • Final inspection and certification

    After final assembly, each motorcycle is put on our rolling road for testing. We also test for EPA compliance with our five-gas analyzer. Lastly, it is cleaned up and given a final inspection.

  • Delivery

    Finally, your Janus motorcycle is ready! There are two ways to handle getting yours hands on it. First, if you’re local or up for a trip, we’d love to meet you in person and hand over the keys ourselves. If that’s not in the cards, we do deliver motorcycles all over the country. We have a team of experienced delivery drivers that will make it a personable experience. Shipping a motorcycle will cost a flat rate of $900.

  • Service Requests

    We make our motorcycles as simple to operate and maintain as possible but sometimes a little outside help is needed. In addition to the extensive list of how-to videos on our YouTube channel, we handle service calls, in-shop service on motorcycles, and actively work with you to find local service shops if doing it yourself isn’t an option.

  • Need some inspiration?

    Every time a new motorcycle comes down the line, we often hear around the shop, “Ooo that is my new favorite color combo!” If you’d like to view some of our past builds, peruse the gallery here. Just be prepared to be here a while.