Gryffin 450

NEW! Hand-crafted & rugged • 330 lbs. •  Reserve for $2995  •  Production begins July 2024.

NEW Gryffin 450

Join the 1st edition

Order your Gryffin 450 by April 1st, 2024, and automatically receive the First Edition trim package, including serial numbered plate, special edition race plate, custom engraved components, challenge coin, and other commemorative items.

330 lbs. • Off-road minded • Classic desert sled looks.

Production is scheduled to begin July 2024.

Small Shop Craftsmanship

Hand-built with precision and care

On road or off, the Gryffin 450 is equipped with everything you need for everything in between. The Gryffin 450 is equal parts durable modern componentry and the human creative element, a marriage between the best of custom building and modern manufacturing.

Classic Design

Inspired by the best motorcycling in history

The Gryffin 450 is a distillation of the scrambler ethos, preferring minimalism over heavier extra-bodywork, serviceability over excess technology.

Inspired by the desert sleds of the mid-20th century, the Gryffin 450 brings classic style to bear on durable, capable adventure riding.

With industrial-grade components, thoughtful materials choices, and a classic, utilitarian design, the Gryffin provides a visceral connection between man and machine in every landscape, no matter the conditions.

Properly Powered

Perfect pairing of size and power

Small, lightweight motorcycles have distinct advantages over the overpowered, unwieldy, and large motorcycles that are so popular today. The Gryffin weighs 330 pounds, and our single-cylinder 445cc motor provides the ample get-up-and-go. Derived from the famous XR400 enduro motor, the SWM-designed powerplant shines off-pavement with good torque and joy-inspiring accelration.

The result is a perfect pairing of size and power that gives riders the confidence and convenience to take the Gryffin where big bikes dare not.



21/17 Wheel Size & Longer Suspension Travel

The Gryffin 450 features 5.5” of suspension travel front and rear, 21” front wheel, and 17” rear wheel for off-road excellence and a classic desert-sled panache.


Bulletproof Engine

Derived from the famous XR400, our SWM 445cc engine is simple, durable, and capable for the riding we love most.


Beautiful Customization & Kit

Kit out your Gryffin 450 with beautiful options and upgrades that makes the bike beautiful to behold, touch, and ride.



Engine & Transmission

Air/oil-cooled, 4-stroke, single cylinder
Displacement: 445cc
Compression ratio: 10:1
Starting: Electric
Single overhead camshaft, 4 valve
Dry sump with gerotor pump, cartridge filter, and oil cooler
Electronic ignition
Electronic fuel injection
Transmission ratio: 2.667
Clutch: wet, multi-plate

Frame, Running Gear, & Displays


Type: Frame: DOM tubular steel double cradle


Type: Proprietary leading-link fork with dual progressive coil-over Ikon shocks – 5.5” of travel


Type: Proprietary swing-arm with dual progressive coil-over Ikon shocks – 5.5” of travel


Type: 280mm disc with two-piston Brembo floating caliper


Type: 220mm disc with single-piston Brembo floating caliper


Wheels: CNC machined aluminum hubs with aluminum alloy rims and stainless steel straight-pull spokes
Tires: Front 2.75 x 21, Back 4.60 x 17
Instrumentation: Digital tachometer, speedometer and odometer, with LCD screen and indicator lights

Performance, size, & Capacities

Maximum Power: 30 hp @ 7,500 rpm
Maximum Speed: 90mph
Dimensions: 83’’ long & 31’’ wide. Height without mirrors: 41 inches
Seat Height: 32”
Wheelbase: 53 inches
Fuel Capacity: 2.2 gal
Dry Weight: 330 pounds


Options & Upgrades

Paint Options

Finish Options

Lighting, Mirrors, Bars

Leather, Storage, Seating

How To Order

  1. Place your deposit

    Place your deposit online to reserve your spot in our production schedule. You're also welcome to call our shop during normal hours at (574) 538-1350 to speak with one of our team and place your deposit over the phone.

  2. Finalize your colors and custom options

    You can select all colors and options on our configurator before you place your deposit, or you can wait and decide later. When we need your final decisions, we'll contact you to help you choose your colors and options. During this process we can provide color mockups of your selected bike to assist in the decision making process.

  3. Watch it come to life

    We'll maintain contact through your build process to share production updates and arrange pickup or delivery.

  4. Complete your payment

    The remaining balance is due upon completion of the motorcycle.

  5. Get out and ride

    On pickup or delivery you get your keys, get your bike (with gas in the tank), and get out and ride!

We strive to maintain close contact with customers to ensure everything goes smoothly throughout your ordering and ownership experience. Have more questions about our ordering process? Read our FAQ page.


Janus Motorcycles is happy to help anyone interested in pursuing financing for their motorcycle.

We offer in-house full-service financing in partnership with ThunderRoad Financial. To apply for financing, please fill out the following form. We’ll contact you to gather remaining information needed. The application process is easy and secure.

We can finance all models, with a minimum of 10% down, and rates as low as 3.99%

2 Year Warranty

We offer a TWO YEAR FACTORY WARRANTY on all new 2024 Janus 450 models. We believe deeply in the simplicity and durability of our motorcycles, and encourage our owners learn and do their own warranty maintenance.

Warranty Information


We are happy to now offer financing on our motorcycles through LightStream, a division of SunTrust bank.

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    Janus is an amazing small company with a beautiful product. I purchased my Halcyon 250 in November and they sent me pictures of its construction in the shop! No other motorcycle manufacturer can compete with that. Their customer service is on point, Sophie responded to all of my emails very quickly and answered every question I had along the way. Lastly, when I went to go pick up my motorcycle, Grant was very friendly and helped me understand how the bike works, showed me around the showroom, and overall a cool dude. Happy to be in the Janus family Halcyon #577

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    I went to their first Discovery Day and was sold on not only the bikes but also Janus and the people working there too. Their enthusiasm really shows. A couple of months later I ordered a Halcyon and picked it up last spring. This bike is really fun to ride and never fails to draw attention. One other thing, Devin, Richard and the rest of the crew at Janus are always helpful if you have any questions.

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    My Halcyon 250 (magic) has been a joy to ride, own and maintain. With nearly 20K miles on the odometer the engine runs as good as ever. It is the perfect 2-lane road motorcycle. Not mentioned in this video is the efficiency of this engine. It gets 65mpg. on average. Beyond the reliable engine and classic lines of its design, the Halcyon 250 is truly thrilling to ride. It provides the rider with an absolutely classic motorcycling experience in which the rider feels connected with the machine.

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    I received my Halcyon 450 just as riding season was ending last year. I am looking forward to putting many hours and miles on it this summer.

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    No other motorcycle manufacturer does the community outreach like you folks do, I have been and continue to be overwhelmingly impressed! As always Janus, we’ll done!

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    I am loving my 250 Halcyon (JM791) so I bought one for my son. (JM847) This video makes me want to get a 450 ordered.

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    Beautiful machine! Three years ago JM-224 was carefully and lovingly delivered to Milwaukie Oregon. I savor each mile I put on the bike.

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    The team over at Janus Motorcycles are a great inspiration to proceed your dreams. Ever since visiting them and purchasing my first motorcycle (JM#54) I have been inspired to start my first YouTube channel, about my adventures riding my motorcycles. Keep up the great work.

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    I never get tired of riding this motorcycle. It is like experiencing your best ride each time you take it out.

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    These are beautiful simple machines. I am totally satisfied with my entire experience with Janus. Everyone that I have had the experience to work with has been very friendly, helpful and professional.

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    Old school looks, and honestly, old school feel. You may not go fast, but you look damn good going slow.

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Gryffin 250

Gryffin 250

Gryffin 250

Gryffin 250

Gryffin 250

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