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Our Philosophy


We make simple, beautiful machines that are a joy to own and ride. We draw on the Northern Indiana spirit of manufacturing to create a personal, unique, and relatable product. We utilize our global marketplace to source reliable, tried-and-true components. We build to order and sell directly to our riders, cultivating a connection with each and every owner.

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Riders who are looking for a closer connection with their machine, the road, and the passing landscape.

Riders who are looking for a machine that is designed for the kind of riding we most love to do: county-road joy rides, zipping through the city, windy roads, and riding a bike at its limit without risking life or limb.

Riders who value experience more than size or specification.

Riders who celebrate form and function.

Meet the Team

Richard Worsham

CEO & Founder

Grant Longenbaugh

President & CMO

Jordan Swartzendruber

Media & Marketing

Ryan Roberts

Senior Assembly Technician

Kelly Borden

Shop Manager & Pinstriper

Jaclyn Stamatovich

Purchasing Manager

Hannah Lehman

Customer Care

Mitch McLane


Kate Snyder


John Swartzendruber

Senior Service Technician

Chase Borden

Assembly Technician

Charlie Hansen-Reed

Design Engineer

Brent Lehman

Fender Fabricator

Kyle Norwood

Assembly Technician

Jay Risser

Chassis Fabrication

Jamie Morrow

Operations Manager

Jonah Sherck


Mark Zweig

Brand Ambassador and Growth Advisor

Brent McCoy

Pre-assembly and Pinstripe Apprentice

Danielle Ott

Customer service, merchandise, and parts

Tyler Cramer

Service Technician