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Ride a Janus Motorcycle to Bonneyville Milles on Episode 1 of Janus Rides.

The first Janus Rides episode that Jordan and I shot together was in the beginning of July. We rode to Bonneyville Mills, not far from our HQ here in Goshen, IN. The inspiration for making these videos came from someone I follow on YouTube and Instagram that goes by the name of Ducati NYC (plus many other moto-vloggers). The Janus team first met him years ago at a pop-up event we did at Union Garage, a shop in Brooklyn, NY that sells motorcycle gear and hosts cool events. It’s a great place to go if you’re ever in the area. Anyway, our goal with these videos is to provide some fun, informal videos of what it’s like when riding a Janus motorcycle, working at Janus, and being a part of what we’re doing here! It doesn’t hurt that we get out of the office for a couple of hours every once in a while. 

On this particular ride, we took Gryffin 001 and Halcyon JMC-574, our newest addition to our test ride fleet. Both bikes are a lot of fun to ride—just visit us at our shop to find out! It’s interesting switching from the Halcyon to the Gryffin because they’re a lot different. The Halcyon is our lowest model, with a seat height of 31”, compared to 33” on the Gryffin. It’s not a lot, but they really do feel a lot different to sit on and ride. You sit upright on both bikes, but you feel so much higher on the Gryffin. The cool thing about the Gryffin is that if you want to leave the road for a dirt trail, it’s going to handle it like a champ. That’s exactly what we made it for, and you can watch our original promo video we shot for it in Michigan’s Manistee National Forest. 

I remember this day was very hot, and I didn’t mind shooting a shorter video. Being our first moto-vlog of the series, we didn’t have everything set up quite right. My mic didn’t pick up much audio, and we didn’t have the right GoPro mount for my helmet. Jordan’s mic was also picking up quite a bit of wind. Like I said (and I really mean it!)… we just want to get out and ride some motorcycles, and share it with you all. We’ve since gotten more equipment and have our setup figured out for the most part. It’s the beginning of September now and the weather is cooling off significantly. We can’t wait to ride again, and share the next chapter with you all! Stay tuned!


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