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We get a lot of questions in the day-to-day of our business that mostly boil down to a big “WHY?” Why buy a Janus Motorcycle over a ____? Why didn’t you put a bigger engine in? Why don’t you _____? Why does it cost what it does? So, we decided to put together a small series to address some of the reasons why we do what we do at Janus Motorcycles.


Let’s get right to the burning question on social media: “Why is it only a 250?”

Let us answer that question with another question: “When was the last time you redlined your 15,000cc cruiser in 5th gear?” or “How often do you go 120mph?” In other words, we set out to build a bike that would be perfectly sized for the vast majority of the riding we love to do.

We love joyrides. We love blasting through our small town. We love redlining on our way to work. We love country roads and windy jaunts through the woods. We build our Janus 250s to be perfect for that. They’re not designed to be a cross-country bagger (though it’s possible). They’re not designed to break speed records.

Janus Motorcycles are designed to give you, the rider, as much thrill as possible in your everyday riding. They are a joy to ride—we hear it time and time again. “They’re smile machines,” one rider told us! Janus Motorcycles provide a unique sensation of speed that comes precisely from its lightweight frame and small engine. You can redline your bike on Main Street! You can lean into turns! You can wring it out in a National Park! When it comes to giving our riders a great time, there’s not a lot a Janus Motorcycle can’t do well.

The next installment in our series covers some of the ways we do business differently! Thanks for riding along…