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Beyond motorcycle manufacturing, we skip dealers and sell factory direct because we like getting to know our owners!

Janus Motorcycles is—in some respects—a small business out of necessity (just like any small manufacturer), and while we’re growing and growing, we’re not married to the idea of unending growth. Part of what makes us excited to do what we do each day is that each member of our small team has their hands on our motorcycles and a connection with our customers.

When you become a Janus owner, you get a different experience than you do from any other manufacturer. Have a question about your build? Josiah or Mitch or Hannah will answer, and they’ll get you on the line with Richard, Charlie, or Grant, who designed and oversee the building of your bike. Kelly pinstripes your tank and puts the whole thing together. We have personal relationships with our local partners who produce components for our forks, frames, tanks, and exhaust.

Ryan applying the hand-painted pinstripe to a fender.

We love that aspect of our size. These bikes come off the line, one at a time, with each of our small teams’ effort and love baked into each one-of-a-kind motorcycle. You won’t see any fingerprints on your tank when it’s delivered, but our hands have been ALL over the motorcycle.

Local customer Christian Brown brought his Phoenix to our shop for routine maintenance. Photo by Christian Brown.

Beyond motorcycle manufacturing, we skip dealers and sell direct because we like getting to know our owners and learning about how to make our bikes even better, little by little. It also allows us to compete with more global corporations—which means better pricing for you! And that means that you, the rider, get to be a part of a unique small company producing a very limited number of very unique machines. When people ask about service or maintenance, we want to remind them about our very small size. Just call us. We’re passionate about growing our company by making our owners insanely happy.

The next installment in our series covers our styling and design choices. Thanks for riding along!

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