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You want a classic Motorcycle? Skip the dealers, buy factory direct. Read on.

Janus Motorcycles are, simply put, made to stand the test of time. From our manufacturing standards, to our choice of motor (which we’ll come to later in the series), to our style, we want to build a product that will look great and perform wonderfully for many many years. When it comes to motorcycle design, we believe the best way to ensure that is to adopt a classic design.

What is a classic design? It’s inspired by the best of what’s come before. It looks back as well as forward. It isn’t obsessed with the brand new nor is it sappy or nostalgic. We design our motorcycles to fit in a tradition of thoughtfully-designed, functional motorcycles that are beautiful and timeless.

We’re creating a simple tool here at Janus: a beautiful machine designed to inspire joy in every rider. That means that some of the simplest and most time-tested ideas might be the best inspiration for ours. Janus Motorcycles aren’t vintage or retro in the sense that you need to wear some sort of costume to look at home on one. They are deeply inspired by motorcycles we love, but also include features that we would be remiss to do without (see: disc brakes).

Sketches from different stages in our design process. To see more, sign up for one of our Discovery Days!

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