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It’s a gorgeous day to hop on a Janus motorcycle, let’s ride! Find out where the guys are headed today in Episode 2 of Janus Rides.

A couple of weeks ago, Jordan and I (Josiah) went for a motorcycle ride without really knowing where we’re going. Oftentimes, I find this to be some of the most enjoyable riding. I love stumbling upon roads I’ve never seen before. It’s a plus when they’re fun to ride! I’ll never forget in college when a buddy and I rode up to Bell’s Brewing from Goshen, IN. We started the ride out taking small county roads up to M60. There were some winding roads, a few lakes I’d never seen before, and many picturesque views. I’ll also add that I was sporting his Vespa 250, which is a trip in itself. 

On this particular ride to Millersburg, I remember caring more about getting out and riding to make a video, than caring about where we went. Richard mentioned that there was a windy road next to the river down in Benton. He also mentioned a train overpass somewhere towards Millersburg that was really cool to see. So Jordan and I took off with only a vague sense of where we were going. We found the windy road, but never found the overpass. Jordan later looked it up on Google Maps and it turns out we were only about a mile away from it—Oh well! We had a lot of fun and enjoyed burgers upon returning to the Janus HQ. 

For this video, I was riding the red Phoenix #017, and Jordan was riding our latest showroom Halcyon JMC 574. This summer, I’ve grown pretty fond of riding that red Phoenix. I like the double seat because there’s a little bit more to sit on. I love leaning hard into corners on such a light bike before gunning it down the road. It’s also equipped with our standard Phoenix handlebars, which I personally find more comfortable for longer rides. When I asked Jordan how 574 rode, his response was, “like butter on an ear of corn.” In all seriousness, that Halcyon rides smooth and is a lot of fun to take out. In addition to that, it has a great aesthetic. I love the color combination, and the fishtail exhaust sounds great. If you’re ready, sit back, watch some pretty Indiana country riding, and ramble on with us.



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