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janus motorcycle bike

Halcyon 450 Motorcycle


This 450cc motorcycle is built to perform from freeway to scenic
route, while holding the same values of our Halcyon 50cc and
250cc motorcycles in mind: lightweight, classic, easy to ride, and
easy to own.

janus motorcycle bike

Halcyon 250 Motorcycle


With hand-built details, classic style, easy service, and bulletproof
power, the Halcyon 250 Motorcycle is our most popular 250 series

janus motorcycle bike

Gryffin 250 Motorcycle


The Gryffin 250 Scrambler is a simple, lightweight scrambler
motorcycle made expressly for thrilling everyday escapes, on-road
and off.



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Currently own the 450cc halcyon and former owner of the Halcyon 250cc motorcycles. Really enjoy the hands on old school motorcycle experience!!! Every time out and about I receive many compliments and questions!!! The Janus team stands behind their product with their base extensive warranty and great support!!! Pretty amazing what they have created in this day and age… Beautiful machines, worth every penny!!! Style is unparalleled, performance is rock solid!!!


Incredible Motorcycle Company. American manufacturing pride at it’s best. Devin and Richard are taking small displacement bikes to a whole new level. If you want to get back to the basics and fun of motorcycling, jump on a Janus.


After 3300 miles on my Halcyon, my impression of Janus as great company with excellent products is confirmed, and I can also add now first-rate service for owners.


Janus is an amazing small company with a beautiful product. I purchased my Halcyon 250 in November and they sent me pictures of its construction in the shop! No other motorcycle manufacturer can compete with that. Their customer service is on point, Sophie responded to all of my emails very quickly and answered every question I had along the way. Lastly, when I went to go pick up my motorcycle, Grant was very friendly and helped me understand how the bike works, showed me around the showroom, and overall a cool dude. Happy to be in the Janus family Halcyon #577


I went to their first Discovery Day and was sold on not only the bikes but also Janus and the people working there too. Their enthusiasm really shows. A couple of months later I ordered a Halcyon and picked it up last spring. This bike is really fun to ride and never fails to draw attention. One other thing, Devin, Richard and the rest of the crew at Janus are always helpful if you have any questions.

My Halcyon 250 (magic) has been a joy to ride, own and maintain. With nearly 20K miles on the odometer the engine runs as good as ever. It is the perfect 2-lane road motorcycle. Not mentioned in this video is the efficiency of this engine. It gets 65mpg. on average. Beyond the reliable engine and classic lines of its design, the Halcyon 250 is truly thrilling to ride. It provides the rider with an absolutely classic motorcycling experience in which the rider feels connected with the machine.

If you’re someone who’s been thinking, dreaming or otherwise fantasizing about acquiring a Janus Motorcycle, just do it! I own and have been riding a Janus Halcyon 250 for nearly 2 years. It is a beautiful motorcycle that is easy to ride and maintain. My Janus is also a real head turner, I get compliments everywhere I ride. The folks at Janus are also good people who back up their products and have been nothing but helpful in every aspect from a customer’s standpoint.

Great video, as always. Owning a Janus and being a part of such a unique subculture within the motorcycling community is an extraordinary experience. 908 is easily one of my most favorite motorcycles that I have ever owned.

Nice video, I particularly liked the viola (I think) music, good choice. Oh and for anyone who reads this, I absolutely love my Janus Motorcycle, it’s a beautiful machine that I feel a true connection with whenever I ride. It was, after all, built for me by the good folks at Janus.

I received my Halcyon 450 just as riding season was ending last year. I am looking forward to putting many hours and miles on it this summer.

No other motorcycle manufacturer does the community outreach like you folks do, I have been and continue to be overwhelmingly impressed! As always Janus, we’ll done!

I am loving my 250 Halcyon (JM791) so I bought one for my son. (JM847) This video makes me want to get a 450 ordered.

Beautiful machine! Three years ago JM-224 was carefully and lovingly delivered to Milwaukie Oregon. I savor each mile I put on the bike.

The team over at Janus Motorcycles are a great inspiration to proceed your dreams. Ever since visiting them and purchasing my first motorcycle (JM#54) I have been inspired to start my first YouTube channel, about my adventures riding my motorcycles. Keep up the great work.

I found Janus while looking for certain styles of motorcycles and kept my eye on the Gryffin until I was ready to buy. I did not see anything as unique available anywhere else. Starting at a rest stop on the drive home from picking it up, everywhere I take my Gryffin 250, someone asks me who makes it and comments on the style. It rides as nice as it looks on the road, and looking forward to getting it on some trails this summer.

Great looking bike,love the vintage style. I think it is the best looking bike on the market.

4yrs later, I still love my Phoenix 250. The service videos and support have been great and I’m pleased to have been able to (successfully!) complete all of the necessary maintenance myself. It’s a good feeling when it runs like champ AFTER you get done taking care of it. A solid machine that inspires confidence in its longevity.

Great customer service first day having my bike speedometer stopped working called that monday and they shipped me a new one within 2 days

I never get tired of riding this motorcycle. It is like experiencing your best ride each time you take it out.

These are beautiful simple machines. I am totally satisfied with my entire experience with Janus. Everyone that I have had the experience to work with has been very friendly, helpful and professional.

Old school looks, and honestly, old school feel. You may not go fast, but you look damn good going slow.


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