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The Trades: Skill and Creativity in Motorcycle Manufacturing at Janus

Watch Below:

From Artrageous with Nate:

“How do you combine the skilled trades such as welding, metalwork, small engine assembly, and leatherwork to create these rolling works of art? We headed to Janus Motorcycles to see how they are looking to the past and future for design inspiration. Go behind the scenes to see how each unique motorcycle is manufactured by people who have mastered everything from welding to leatherwork.

Artrageous with Nate is a 6-time Emmy award-winning PBS show with host Nate Heck. The aim is to inspire students in science, history, and the arts. Each new episode with Nate illustrates new material and encourages ways for young watchers to apply learning at home. Artrageous with Nate can be watched on Youtube.