Ratchets and Cams – 1″ x 15′

Ultra-durable, abrasion-resistant webbing with vinyl-coated hooks and a safety latch. Made strong for the toughest of applications.


Janus Motorcycles recommends using a minimum of four (4) ratchet straps or cam buckles for motorcycles to secure and prevent your load from shifting. The working load limit is the maximum cargo weight that a ratchet can safely handle and still accommodate unexpected forces caused by speed, road conditions, or emergencies.

Always use the safety latch on s-hooks when possible. Do not exceed working load limits. It is the user’s responsibility to educate themselves on the proper usage of ratchets and tie-downs when securing loads less than 10,000 lbs. Check tie-downs and ratchets after a minimum of the first 10 miles, and every 50 miles thereafter. For more information on how to use these properly, read on here.

Protect webbing from sharp edges, heat, and corrosive materials.

Ratchets should be protected from mechanical, chemical, and environmental damage.

Do not store ratchets wet. Lubricate with dry lubricant every six months or when needed.

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Ratchets and Cams now available!

Choose between Cam Buckles or Ratchet Straps. Different strokes for different folks, ya know?

Made in the USA

1,800 lbs Break Strength

600 lbs Working Strength

$50 for a pair

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Cam Buckles, Ratchet Straps


1 set of 2 (2 total)