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Custom vs. Production

This piece was originally published as a comment on Paul Crowe’s website, The Kneeslider titled, “We Don’t kneed Any More Custom Motorcycles, We Need More Prototypes” in December 2015. It has been edited to make sense on it’s own, but the original article and comments are well worth the read. Janus holds an interesting place in the motorcycle industry…

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On the Flying Dutchmen

I’d like to say a few words about the Flying Dutchmen documentary film now available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. The film is about a successful Elkhart County entrepreneur and the heartwarming story of his thoughtful gift to his friend and mentor, Daryl Zook. Daryl has played a central rôle in the life of Jon…

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Across America on a Janus Motorcycle – Part 3

OVER THE SIERRAS AND ACROSS THE GREAT DESERTS On Monday May 26th, I woke up at 5:00am with all but my riding gear packed and ready to go in the panniers. My riding gear consisted of a two-piece armored textile suit, under which I wore my LDComfort base layers. A dual-sport helmet, riding boots, armored…

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Across America on a Janus Motorcycle – Part 1

PREPARATION:   Over the past two years we have been visited here at Janus by a strange motorcyclist, fully geared up on his 1200cc Bavarian steed with many upgrades and “farkles” as they are termed in the adventure and sport touring motorcycling world. Farkle is a portmanteau of function and sparkle, and is also claimed to…

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Janus Takes California

Great news: we’ve received our California Air Resource Board (CARB) approval. Our motorcycles are now available for registration in California! The CARB testing process happened concurrently with our EPA testing, but it was a wholly different test. CARB certification is largely interested in limiting evaporative emissions, so any possible outlet for un-combusted gasoline (fuel cap,…

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Richard’s Cross-Country Trip on a Halcyon 250

Richard Worsham, co-founder of Janus Motorcycles, departs Monday, May 28th on a cross country trip from San Francisco to New York City on a Halcyon 250. He, along with a handful of other riders, are duplicating the historic trip that George Wyman, the first person to cross the contiguous US on a motorized vehicle, took in…

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Janus Motorcycles Receives EPA Certification

Press Release: Janus Motorcycles receives full EPA certification for their 250 model line Goshen, Indiana (January 23, 2018) —  After nearly two years of development and testing, Janus Motorcycles of Goshen, Indiana received full EPA certification for their 250 line of small-displacement motorcycles. This allows them to fully scale their production, shorten their production time, and…

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Making a Motorcycle: Aluminum Fuel Tanks

Both our Phoenix and Halcyon fuel tanks are the product of many hours of deliberation, design, and iteration. They draw from classic motorcycle designs in their inspiration and our own vision for how our motorcycles should look and feel. And they’re also the product of the constraints we operate within. Janus Motorcycles is a small…

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Part Five: What are you paying for?

We, as a small business, operate in the global economy, and the motorcycle market is full of massive manufacturers that make incredible products at a low price. How do we compete? In a competitive market, our size—both in CC’s and units shipped—helps us make our customers happy and our motorcycles uniquely remarkable… and also more expensive. Could…

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