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Many of us who have a life partner and ride a Janus have had to convince our spouses or significant others that buying a Janus is safe and a good use of our shared funds. Here are the best reason’s we’ve heard (and used) ourselves:

Time & Logistics:

  • A Janus Motorcycle is a fun getaway that starts IMMEDIATELY once you leave your driveway. No need to trailer your stuff, drive several hours, or fly to get a “getaway”.
  • A Janus Motorcycle is easy to park and store—it doesn’t require another garage stall or a storage unit!
  • Scratch the itch in just a couple minutes a day! Or simply take the long way home from work, and have a 20 minute joyride built into your commute.


  • A Janus is hand-built by artisan motorcycle builders, and is built to last. It is the antithesis of planned obsolescence, and it’s something you can pass to your kids or grandkids!
  • Compared with the cost of upkeep, storage, and transportation of other pastimes like boating, 4x4s, big motorcycles, classic cars, etc., a one-time purchase of a lightweight, classic, heirloom motorcycle is affordable and manageable.
  • The generous warranty and simple upkeep and maintenance requirements ensure you won’t be signing up for an expensive maintenance and service schedule.
  • There are no hidden fees with a Janus—kit your bike, pay for shipping (or pickup), and pay sales tax and registration. No hidden market adjustments, markups, doc fees, title fees, assembly fees, destination fees… it adds up!
  • A Janus is a good use of our money. Because they have such a unique design and are hand built one at a time, they don’t depreciate like a normal new motorcycle would. In fact, the original Janus models built ten years ago are now worth thousands more than they originally cost!


  • He/she wouldn’t care if you bought an electric bike—yet a Janus is safer than an electric bike. A Janus has better brakes, better lighting, and handles better at speed than any electric bike. Not to mention moving at the speed of traffic versus being slower than traffic makes you less likely to be hit by another vehicle!
  • A Janus is lighter than any other comparable size motorcycle you could buy. Because of their light weight, a Janus is easier to move around when parked than other bikes. It is easier to pick up if it falls over. It us easier to handle when ridden at low speeds. And the brakes on a Janus don’t have to work as hard as they do on a heavier bike.
  • A Janus is not overpowered. The Janus 250s have only 14 horsepower! They won’t go out of control under acceleration as easily as a bike that tends to spin its wheel or wheelie. That low power won’t upset balance of the bike. You have the ability to control it easily, which makes it safer.
  • A Janus motorcycle has bright lighting and optional LED lighting for better visibility from other vehicles.
  • Promise to always wear appropriate clothing when riding your Janus. Get a good helmet, wear long pants and boots, leather gloves, and get a really good jacket—even one with body armor if you like—and wear it every time you ride the bike. Many motorcycle injuries can be mitigated with appropriate safety gear and a good helmet. An investment in a good helmet and armored jacket is good insurance!


  • Many Janus riders get his and hers bikes, take the safety course together, and ride together! It is SO COOL to see a couple ride up to a date night on their own motorcycles, and its a fun, new activity they can work on together!
  • Never ride my motorcycle after consuming alcohol. Let’s have a glass of wine together when we’re back from our adventures! Safety is sexy!
  • Say, “If you let me get a Janus, you can get ______.” This frequently works but can get expensive!


And last but not least (just to repeat ourselves)… the best way to convince a spouse is to buy one for them too!

Check out Mark and Terry’s story below—they were searching for something meaningful and new in their lives together after a loss, and learned to ride together!