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We hear it from our riders all the time.

They get on their lightweight, classic, Janus Motorcycle and time melts away.

Stress stays at bay.

They’re transported to the way it felt riding their very first motorcycle.

The Halcyon Days of old return and wash their cares away.

What if all the things we’ve been told are necessary on a bike actually get in the way of the freedom and joy we fell in love with in the first place?

We can’t do much about world peace (or the lack thereof),
or interest rates, or whatever tugs on your shoulders.

But our bikes are like little time machines.

And even if it’s only for 20 minutes a day (or an hour every two weeks)
—for that little bit of time—Happy (Halcyon) Days are Here Again.

Don’t forget to get your time machine on order–grab that beautiful Inland Seafoam Green, and 20% off all upgrades on all models while you can!