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As print magazines become rarer and rarer, it’s wonderful to find one that is still going strong, still putting physical, ink and paper objects in our hands that we can leaf through, stick bookmark in, and enjoy in the best way that reading can be done–on a page. Roadrunner Magazine is just that: one of the last print motorcycle magazines. And it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere soon!

Check out this review of the Halcyon 450 from Jeff Buchanan, available in this month’s edition:

“There’s something odd about this picture. I’m motoring along the backstreets of Venice, CA, on a motorcycle that is somewhat deficient in terms of power. There’s engine vibration ebbing up through the chassis into the handlebar and a pronounced sound of chain lash and road noise. Yet, I’m having a great time. I’m riding the Halcyon 450, the newest offering from Janus Motorcycles.

“Put simply, Janus motorcycles are new metal creations that conjure the pronounced vintage mystique of such vaunted brands as Brough and Vincent—although on a smaller scale. They will not set any speed records or awe with performance, but they weren’t meant to.

“Janus motorcycles represent a different kind of riding experience. It’s about feeling the road and organically absorbing the environment. The visceral act of operating these quirky bikes allows you to drink in your surroundings.

“In other words, you can get back to the basic pleasures of riding—and in the case of Janus, with unapologetic panache.”

Read the full review here.