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(This ad originally appeared on the back cover of Motorcycle Classics Magazine in 2021.)

Don’t Finish First.

WISE MEN AND WOMEN the world over agree: finishing first may win a man praise on the racetrack, but it rarely does elsewhere.

IN ROMANCE, friendship, self-education, or any of life’s many enjoyable pastimes, those who take their time, enjoy the journey, and even (from time to time) arrive fashionably late, routinely enjoy the spoils of self-satisfaction and success. What’s more, they often find—after many decades of going about things their own way—their life full of the most interesting adventures and delightful encounters.

JANUS MOTORCYCLES was founded on these very ideals. They are handbuilt-to-order in a small factory in Goshen, Indiana. A plucky 229cc powertrain and a featherweight frame nurture a deeper connection between the rider, machine, and passing landscape. The 3 unique models elicit visual appreciation from owners and passersby alike. They’re for riders who appreciate taking the long way, knowing their machine intimately, and meeting the most interesting people.

With a machine this beautiful, and a ride so enjoyable, we ask, what’s the hurry?