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Essential Toolkit For Your Janus Motorcycle

This is by no means an exhaustive list of tools you might need on a motorcycle, but it serves as a great starting point that should provide Janus riders with the essential tools and materials to get home from most day trips or short rides should an issue arise. For longer trips, additional spare parts and specialty tools should be considered such as a selection of spare hardware, spare cables, additional metric open-end wrenches and sockets, wiring and diagnostic tools, and spare bulbs & fuses, etc. The below list should fit easily in your Janus tool roll with plenty of room to spare for a few additional items if need be. 

Tire kit tools and supplies will probably not fit in your tool roll, but will fit in a saddle bag or bag. In the video, I show a tire kit sold by Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, but any small bag that will fit tire irons and tube should work well. The only brand-name tool that I have listed is the Knipex pliers/wrench because they are capable of replacing Channel Locks style pliers or adjustable Crescent-style wrenches. This tool kit is designed primarily for the Janus 250 line, but the toolkit for the Janus 450 (or most other simple motorcycles for that matter) will not look much different. We’ll plan on doing a specific 450 toolkit video soon! The toolkit can easily be slipped in your saddlebag, Janus messenger bag, or the Halcyon 250 tool bag. 

More important than any of the tools in your kit is the skill, knowledge, and ability that allows you to use them. My recommendation is that you put together a set of tools specifically for your motorcycle and practice using those specific tools when you perform maintenance or repairs, even if it is in the comfort of your garage. This will give your the confidence and practice to use those tools when or if you need them on the side of the road and will ensure that you have most of the tools that your motorcycle requires on a regular basis. For more information on basic Janus maintenance check out our Youtube channel!

Janus Tool Roll:

  • Tools

    • Needle nose pliers
    • Scissors
    • Screw drivers (combo 4-in-one)
    • Knipex pliers
    • Razor knife
    • Allen keys (metric)
    • Needle Nose Vise Grips
    • Pocket knife
    • Feeler gauges
    • Tire gauge
    • Flashlight
    • Sockets
      • 18mm
      • 14mm
      • 13mm
      • 10mm
      • 8mm
    • Wrenches
      • 10mm
      • 8mm
  •  Consumables
    • Cable ties
    • Electrical tape
    • Gorilla/duct tape
    • Antioxidant compound (in a sealed container)
    • Thread lock (in a sealed container)
    • Super glue (in a sealed container)
    • High temperature silicon sheet (for patches or repairs)
    • (2) 3″ diameter hose clamps
    • Rigging wire

Tire Kit:

  • Tools
    • Compact bicycle pump or small battery operated pump
    • (2) Tire irons
  • Consumables
    • Tire patches (optional)
    • Front tube (2.75X18) or front & rear tube (3.5X18)
    • Alcohol hand sanitizer