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Over the last 6 years of 250 production and development (and 10 years since our inception), we’ve learned something from the way our riders enjoy their Janus Motorcycles:

Our motorcycles and their riders don’t abide by the same spec sheet most manufacturers do. Specifically, our riders believe:

1. Displacement doesn’t necessarily equal enjoyment.
Sometimes, in fact, it obstructs it.

2. CCs-per-dollar is a cheap way to value a motorcycle.

Our riders value the self-reliance and confidence that comes from intrinsically understanding your machine. They value the history and design that goes into the motorcycle. They value the way the styling brings all sorts of interesting folks out of the woodwork. They value the sense of “piloting” their lightweight, appropriately powered machine. They value the discoveries their Janus Motorcycle encourages them to make in their own hometown and beyond.

Our riders value the experience that riding a lightweight, beautiful, simple machine gives them. 

Intrinsic to motorcycling is a dash of daring and defiance, and a desire to experience the world in a different and deeper way. 

We make motorcycles that amplify that intrinsic spirit.

We don’t wish to hinder that spirit with instrumentation and automation, and we don’t wish to gate-keep that spirit behind unattainable (and often, unsafe) performance specifications.

So, with our 2022 model year, you’ll see a couple of changes that amplify what we aim to accomplish.

1. STANDARD FOUR YEAR FACTORY WARRANTY: This is the longest factory warranty in motorcycling. Why? The 250 line is made to be understood and easily serviced. We don’t make our money on service contracts and required maintenance. By doubling our previous factory warranty, we’re doubling our commitment to empower and enable our riders and owners to learn and understand the machine they pilot through the world. That understanding is part of the intrinsic sprit of motorcycling–it’s part of why many of us become entranced with motorcycling to begin with. We want to grow in our self-reliance by taking regular adventures, both large and small. With a four year warranty, we are daring you to put hours on your Janus Motorcycle, and encourage you to maintain your motorcycle (obviously, with proper tools and knowledge–both of which we can advise on)!

2. HAND-FORMED FENDERS: We’re excited to bring another component “in house” to add to the history and intrinsic story of our machines. Using a technique pioneered by Cooper Smithing Co., we are now creating all of our 250 and 450 fenders by hand, using specialized equipment and tooling that allows for incredible accuracy and quality.

3. EARTHX BATTERY: Part of our interest in empowering riders from the get-go is kitting our 250s with high-performance components, even when “our” specification is not top-speed, but rather self-reliance, serviceability, and simplicity. The EarthX Battery is trusted in experimental aircraft, and provides impressive cold-cranking amps and reliability.

4. FLAT OLIVE & BLACK PRIMARY COLOR: Part of the unique allure of motorcycling is the personal statement of style and panache motorcycles allow their owners to make. The flat olive & black primary colors add to the thousands of configurations you can create when you build a Janus.

5. SADDLE BROWN IS BACK! One of our favorite all-time leather finishes and colors is now available again on the 250 line. The richness and feel of this classic full-grain leather is perfect for our motorcycles.

The pricing for our 2022 250 series has increased. This is partly in direct response to global changes in freight and material costs, and partly in relation to the meaningful improvements we’ve made to our motorcycles.

Because of what we’ve learned from our riders, we vehemently disagree that top speed and displacement should be the only that matters when valuing a motorcycle.

The 2022 Halcyon 250 starts at $8400 and the Phoenix and Gryffin 250 start at $8800.

When the majority of riders ride a motorcycle for the pure enjoyment of motorcycling, we believe we’re on to something that’s a little different, a little against the grain, and very, very fun.

If you’re entranced—or even obsessed—with the idea of taking the back roads, going the long way around, of arriving fashionably late and taking your time because it’s your time to take (and no one else’s, dammit!).. you’re among friends at Janus.

If you have any questions or want to talk through a build, please call us: 574-538-1350 or email us at