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Toy Hauler – How to Secure Your Motorcycle

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Before You Get Started

Improperly using tie-downs for your motorcycles, dirtbikes, and scooters can cause some unnecessary headaches just when you’re ready to relax and enjoy the weekend. It can also be a pretty dumb source of frustration when you’d like nothing more than to get on to your leisurely adventure. At Janus, we do not recommend the 2-strap method that others recommend. In fact, we recommend two ratchets in the front and two cams in the rear for added stability. Our bikes weigh in at about 263lbs soaking wet, so depending on the weight of your motorcycle, you may want to have some help with loading. It really depends on your comfort level.

Position Your Motorcycle

  • Secure motorcycle in a wheel chock with the kickstand down, turn the gas off, empty your carburetor. Keep in mind that you will NOT keep your kickstand down, however, having it down for this initial step helps if you’re tieing down your motorcycle by yourself.
  • Wheel Chocks by Pit Posse are our preferred brand. We’re not affiliated with Pit Posse, nor do we make money if you click that link. We simply like the product they offer.

Start at the Front

  • Secure the front right side of your motorcycle with a ratchet strap.
    • Without eyelets: use the handlebars, use the fabric loob on your ratchet straps to secure around the handlebar. Take special precautions to protect your finish with a microfiber cloth.
    • With eyelets: Use ratchet hooks directly on your eyelets.
  • Secure the front left side of your motorcycle same as step 2.
  • Disengage your kickstand
  • Tighten your front ratchet straps with special care as to not hit your headlight with your number plate

Secure the Back

  • Prepare to secure the back end with a cam lock from two attachment points from the rear wheel or frame
  • Check the side-to-side movement, movement should be very rigid.

Spot Check

  • Once you’re on the road, check your ratchets and cams 10 miles down the road and again each time you stop for gas.
Toy Hauler Ratchet Straps

Janus Motorcycles Ratchet straps are sold 2 per set.

Janus Ratchets and Cams Available

Our Janus Cam Buckles or Ratchet Straps can be purchased online. Made in the USA. 1,800 lbs Break Strength, 600 lbs Working Strength. Ultra-durable, abrasion-resistant webbing with vinyl-coated hooks and a safety latch. Made strong for the toughest of applications.