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Richard Worsham, co-founder of Janus Motorcycles, departs Monday, May 28th on a cross country trip from San Francisco to New York City on a Halcyon 250. He, along with a handful of other riders, are duplicating the historic trip that George Wyman, the first person to cross the contiguous US on a motorized vehicle, took in 1903. Wyman completed the trip in 50 days on a 200cc motorized bicycle. Worsham and other riders from the Wyman Memorial Foundation will attempt to complete their trip in 6 days, averaging about 600 miles a day.

Follow Richard’s progress on a Halcyon 250 on the map below!


Richard is riding with the Wyman Foundation as they recreate George Wyman’s first trip across the lower 48 in 1903.¬†Read more on the Wyman Foundation Blog.

And see Richard walk through the Halcyon he’s taking on the trip here: