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Richard Worsham, co-founder of Janus Motorcycles, departs Monday, May 28th on a cross country trip from San Francisco to New York City on a Halcyon 250. He, along with a handful of other riders, are duplicating the historic trip that George Wyman, the first person to cross the contiguous US on a motorized vehicle, took in 1903. Wyman completed the trip in 50 days on a 200cc motorized bicycle. Worsham and other riders from the Wyman Memorial Foundation will attempt to complete their trip in 6 days, averaging about 600 miles a day.

Follow Richard’s progress on a Halcyon 250 on the map below!


Richard is riding with the Wyman Foundation as they recreate George Wyman’s first trip across the lower 48 in 1903. Read more on the Wyman Foundation Blog.

And see Richard walk through the Halcyon he’s taking on the trip here: