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Press Release: Janus Motorcycles receives full EPA certification for their 250 model line

Goshen, Indiana (January 23, 2018) —  After nearly two years of development and testing, Janus Motorcycles of Goshen, Indiana received full EPA certification for their 250 line of small-displacement motorcycles. This allows them to fully scale their production, shorten their production time, and continue to grow.

Janus Motorcycles makes three diversely-styled models, the Halcyon 250, the Phoenix 250, and Gryffin 250, but all models are covered under the new certification. The certification assures that every motorcycle produced adheres to certain emissions specifications, and required that Janus integrate a catalyst unit in their proprietary exhaust design as well as re-tune their fuel delivery system. Co-founder Richard Worsham notes that “the whole process of rigorous testing has resulted in a more enjoyable and finely-tuned motorcycle”.

“We’ve worked hard to grow as well as adhere to government standards. Now that we’re certified for full production, it’s very exciting to open up the faucet and see how much we’re really capable of,” says co-founder Devin Biek.

Janus Motorcycles draws on the rich pool of manufacturing and fabrication shops in Northern Indiana. Their 250 line of motorcycles features hand-formed tanks, locally welded components such as frames, hand-bent stainless handlebars, hand-painted trim, and a proprietary anti-dive suspension developed by the Janus team.

“With my background in architecture and Devin’s in custom building and mechanics, we produce a product that channels function and beauty in equal parts. Our goal is to produce bikes that connect the rider with the machine and the road, with speed and agility that will make riding simply fun.”

Janus plans to produce 250 of their motorcycles this year. They host bi-monthly “Discovery Days” where visitors can try out their models, talk about the design and production process, and meet the small team of employees.

“We are not industry insiders; we really are ‘just’ a local business, so it’s a proud moment for us, our employees, and our production partners,” Worsham said.