Rambler Watch by Lorier


Pre-order your Lorier Rambler. 100 made available to Janus Ramblers as an exclusive pre-order. Lorier watches sell out fast and will be for sale to the public in August.

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What do a mechanical wristwatch and a motorcycle have in common? In today’s age, they might not be the most practical, efficient, or cost-effective means of accomplishing their original objective. However, they both contain a certain romance in their mechanical form, rewarding attention and engagement. The winding of the crown, the squeezing of the clutch—both mechanical watches and motorcycles require active involvement, a welcome reprieve in a world in which our devices encourage passivity, an exchange of comfort for agency..

Thus came the idea of rambling, to ride for the ride, to resist notions of bigger equals better and specs for their own sake. If the fun is feeling the engine pushed to its limit, why get one that you wouldn’t shift past third gear outside of a track? If the joy is found in handling the bike on a twisting scenic road, why the need for screens, stereo systems, and assisted steering? At what point does adding to the machine subtract from the experience?

Featuring an easy-wearing 36 millimeter case, an antique white dial with luminous numerals, heat-blued hands and a dash of red, the Rambler is our tribute to the freedom of the open road.

Come see the Rambler in the metal at Windup Watch Fair Chicago, July 12-14, and at Intersect Los Angeles, July 27, before it goes up for sale in late August via our website and Janus Motorcycles.