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New for 2024 at Janus: some AWESOME aesthetic options!

  1. One of our favorite “custom” colors of all time is now a standard color: Lark Silver! This is a metallic flake color, and comes standard with a clear powder. What a classic look. It is especially striking when paired with our second new model year option:
  2. Frame-matched primary color! CHECK OUT HOW COOL THIS IS. All primary color choices can now be carried over to your frame, forks, fender braces… you get the picture. You want to be a sure win at any cruise-in or custom show? This is an easy trump card to play.
  3. 250 tank & logo designs. Want our awesome feather logo on a 250? Now you can.

Don’t forget, you can grab 50% off all standard options and add-ons through the end of the November with our awesome Black Friday deal!











Hop on our Configurator right now and give it a whirl!