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What a pleasure to host Rob Brooks from Road Dirt Magazine, an independent motorcycle magazine that is filling in the gap left by many of the bigger motorcycle industry publications in recent years.  Rob is a seasoned rider with a love of all things two wheels, but we think we got him hooked on the simple joys of the Janus’ experience!

“Over a late lunch with Richard and Grant, Richard stated, ‘We really want to convey the simple joy of riding motorcycles with Janus. We all love and live with high-tech devices, cars, even in our homes today. But there’s something special, almost soul-cleansing, about hopping on a simple motorcycle, with no electronic rider aids, and just throttling out into the wind.’ Grant added, ‘Have you ever been out on a ride, on a beautiful day, and just didn’t want to turn back, didn’t want the day to end? That’s what ‘rambling’ means to us, what we hope riding our motorcycles feels like.’”

“After spending a day riding these unique bikes, I get it. So often, whether on a brand loaner or one of my own motorcycles, I like to push the bike and my skills, ride hard, and use the electronic rider aids available to me. But here, with these simple, unencumbered machines, I heard a voice in my helmeted head whispering, ‘Its a beautiful day. Slow down, feel the bike, enjoy the ride. Ramble.’ So I did. And I very much enjoyed it, I will admit.

“Slow down, feel the bike, enjoy the ride. Ramble. That’s Janus Moto’s essence.”

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