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Yesterday a major motorcycle review channel on YouTube failed to understand that Janus Motorcycles is not interested in making a better or even different version of what’s already on the market (check out the video below).

Instead, they applied the old premise of the last 30+ years of powersports marketing to a new brand that is designing a new category of iconic, approachable motorcycles that REJECT the powersports industrial complex’s premise that the value of a motorcycle should be the sum of its:

  • Top speed
  • Rated horsepower
  • Tech gadgetry
  • …and resulting weight

Instead of pursuing this “big bike lie”, a Janus motorcycle bypasses these distractions to distill the best of motorcycling: a simple, immediate riding experience built around a highly customizable, handmade motorcycle using easy-to-maintain, bulletproof components.

Think about it. Why do we choose to ride a motorcycle?

  • To be unconstrained
  • To enjoy the journey
  • To express ourselves

We’re not trying to create a faster, cheaper horse… We’re trying to do the exact opposite. We’re consciously creating the highest quality motorcycle designed specifically to address the reason we choose to ride a motorcycle in the first place.

How do we do that?

  • We build each unique motorcycle to each unique customer’s specifications, from by hand in our northern Indiana hometown using simple, easy-to-maintain, bulletproof components.
  • We chose to build lightweight, nimble, lower-powered motorcycles because they provide the ability to actually use all of the machine’s potential in our everyday riding.
  • Rather than focusing on the latest technology and convenience, we build simple machines whose purpose is to augment the immediate, visceral sensation of riding.
  • We have a dedicated and growing following of owners and riders who understand exactly what we are building and who give us constant input on how to do it better.

What does this all mean?

  • It means that rambling is controversial!
  • It means we’re starting to strike a nerve!
  • It means that a significant number of people feel passionately about what we’re doing!
  • It means that we just reached 1.22 million motorcyclists and motorcycle fans on YouTube that may never have heard of Janus!