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This advertisement appears in Hagerty Magazine:

You there. What’s that you’re lugging around?
It’s baggage. Everybody’s got some.

Maybe it’s the storage unit you haven’t gone through in a couple years. Maybe it’s your job. Taxes. Your 401K. Or an old heartache worthy of a country crooner’s ballad.

How do we lay these burdens down?

It sure ain’t more technology. It’s in our pockets, on our wrist, on the dashboards of our cars. All sorts of places our baggage shouldn’t be. Beeping and dinging and buzzing.

Janus Motorcycles do not connect with your mobile device. They’ll carry your lunch, a rain jacket, and a novel…but the baggage we’re talking about? None of it.

Their curb weight matches their existential weight: light as a feather. Ranging from 265 to 360 lbs, and hundreds of pounds lighter than popular offerings, Janus Motorcycles are in a category all by themselves:

Lightweight Motorcycling. The essence of two-wheeled travel. An escape from connectivity. Easy to hop on. Easy to load up for a weekend of jaunts, zips, cruises, and fun.

With classic style, custom colors, hand-formed fenders, enamel pin, and easy operation, Janus Motorcycles are made to be enjoyed by rider and passerby alike. They love to be ogled. They’re built to be given to your grandkid.

Go ahead and set your baggage down for a spell. Let’s get that country crooner singing “Happy Trails” a little more often…