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(This is another one of our Motorcycle Classics ads from our 450 launch in 2021.)

Time Machine for Sale.

This may not be the machine H. G. Wells envisioned, but there’s no mistaking it: Janus Motorcycles are built for time travel.

Janus Motorcycles are built to make time stand still and the hours melt away in the passing landscape. They make yesterday float away and tomorrow disappear. They plant the rider firmly in the present moment.

They are built to take our riders to a simpler time, harkening to classic designs in motorcycling history.

Janus Motorcycles is proud to announce our newest time machine: The Halcyon 450.

The Halcyon 450 is a machine that’s beautiful to behold, with hand-built details and time-tested engineering. All in our classic, lightweight design.

Built with a highway-ready fuel-injected SWM engine, Brembo brakes, and full suspension.

Built to inspire joy in all riders: past, present, and future.