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Janus Motorcycles fielded one of our Gryffin 250s in last weekend’s Biltwell 100 desert race in Ridgecrest California. Even with a broken foot peg, our Racer Kyle Depweg got us a 4th plave finish in the “Misfit” category. Here are his thoughts after the race!

“Well, could have done better. But I hope I get another chance!

“Started out in the lead, got the whole shot, then about 400 yards out it started to bog down, I pulled over to make sure the choke wasn’t on. It wasn’t but when I started it back up it started to run great again.

“Making ground up towards the front of the pack… around mile marker 4 I broke off my right side peg, an unsuspectedly large whoop appeared out of nowhere. I bottomed up and stepped through the leg to the ground. Holding on like to that bucking bronco. Didn’t go down….

“Then realized I had no where to put my right foot, accept the rear brake. Determined to finish the race I continued on.
I started to slow down not being able to attack the coarse as I wanted with both feet. I am holding my leg up and out front of me, or literally dragging it out behind me or off the side. I quickly learned I needed to stay off the left side of the trail to use it to create space for my leg. Around mile 11, I pulled over to help 3 people. One girl was stuck and could lift her bike. Made sure everyone was safe. The bike preformed perfect besides the peg.

“Mile 18 my leg started to cramp. There was an uphill section, rocky, steep, with around 6 riders at the bottom determining how they were going to approach. A few actual dirt bikes stuck on the climb, a few triumphs at the bottom. I asked everyone if I could go, the Janus walked up and passed every stuck bike on the hill until I disappeared over the other side. Speeds of around 45 on the straights still one footed. Ended up finishing 4th in the class one footed for 21 miles. Missed the podium by 12 minutes. I’m sorry guys! Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

“I think with stronger pegs, I would have finished 2nd first place in our class was a Suzuki drz 600. But to give you an idea: even being one footed my lap time was 1:06 minutes for 25 miles. My buddy Charles was on a brand new gas gas 350 dirt bike. His slowest lap was 53 minutes. So 13 minutes slower than a full blown dirt bike.

“Had a blast!!!! Would do it every year you allowed me too! Or even tell other guys. I will be there again next year regardless! If you ever need a rider let me know. Willing to travel.”

And no, it was not a Biltwell Inc foot peg!