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Chasing the Horizon Podcast Features Janus Motorcycles

Wes Fleming of the Chasing the Horizon podcast had Richard on the show last week and the episode just went live. Click the play button above to listen!

In the episode, Wes and Richard cover the story of founding and growing the company, the challenges of a post-Covid global supply chain, what it means to create and produce a meaningful product in a culture of mass-production, and how Janus seeks to change the prevailing belief that a motorcycle’s value must be directly proportional to its engine displacement or its race track performance.

The Chasing the Horizon podcast is “an open source project by, for and about motorcyclists, and is meant to appeal to everybody who rides a motorcycle, no matter where they’re from, how old (or young) they are or what kind of motorcycle they ride.” We think you’ll enjoy this episode and more of their great podcasts!

Listen above or on the episode page on the Chasing the Horizon site.