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Five Rules for Riding Safely in a Group 

Many people get into motorcycling for the camaraderie of group rides. While this activity brings people together for adventures with lasting memories, it is important to keep safety in mind as your number one priority. Here are some tips to keep your group safe while still enjoying yourselves. 

Number One: Have a “lead” and a “sweep”

Ideally, position your most experienced riders in the front and the back of the group. 

{Insert Janus Group Ride Photo with Devin or Richard in front or rear}

The frontward one, the lead, has the job of watching the roads ahead and making sure there are no obstacles that could potentially cause harm. The last rider, the sweep, makes sure everyone stays together and watches for stragglers or accidents.

Number Two: Frequent Breaks

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Breaks are, especially important on long rides, essential for rest and communication. 

Number Three: Keep Group Sizes Small 

The ideal maximum for a group ride is seven people. More than that, and it becomes complicated to keep track of everyone’s whereabouts at all times. 

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If you have more than the appropriate number of riders, such as at an event, plan out subdivisions and have each group go at a separate time or route.

Number Four: Staggered Formation

When you have a bigger group, you should make sure everyone has enough room to brake or turn. 

{Insert Janus Group Ride Photo showing great formation}

Never have two riders position side-by-side in a lane. Try to plan each individual’s whereabouts on the road before the ride starts. 

Number Five: Use Hand Signals

As communication is hard on a motorcycle, hand signals are a great way to let your friends behind know which road you’re turning onto next. 

{Insert Janus Hand Signals PNG from Previous Rallies}

Make sure the lead of the group knows signals in case they need to make any changes to the route based on road conditions. 

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