Obenauf’s Leather Care Kit



Clean, condition, and protect your leather seat and saddlebags! Also for use on leather boots, bags, and riding gear.

Obenauf’s Leather Care Kit includes:

  • 8oz leather preservative
  • 16oz bottle of Cleanit spray
  • 16oz bottle of Water Shield spray
  • 1 Janus Motorcycles shop rag
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Obenauf’s LP

An industrial strength leather preservative paste best used for conditioning full grain leather, top grain, and nubuck. Made with natural oils, beeswax, and propolis to create a smooth cream/paste that melts when applied by hand. The beeswax in the leather preservative provides a protective barrier on the outside, while the natural oils are absorbed into the leather.

Obenauf’s Cleanit

Obenauf’s natural leather cleaner is a non-detergent soap created from linseed oil using a traditional saponification process. This liquid natural oil soap lifts and suspends dirt into solution to be rinsed or wiped away. A very effective Ready-to-Use cleaning fluid with a handy trigger sprayer, you can safely re-apply Cleanit as often as needed. Free of the harmful chemicals often found in other cleaners.

Obenauf’s Water Shield

Providing extended water protection to fabrics, canvas, nylon, suede, and chrome-tanned leather. Pump sprayer applicators allow a higher silicone content resulting in a more concentrated formula than aerosol dispensers. This creates a more durable and long lasting water protection.