Join us on an exclusive
behind-the-scenes tour

Take a virtual tour through America’s most exclusive classic motorcycle factory.

→ Learn about the design process and take a step into motorcycle history.

→See our hand-formed fenders get made.

→Watch a motorcycle get pinstriped, painted and assembled!

→Take a virtual test ride along with our founder through beautiful Amish country.


A sneak peek of your exclusive tour:

Classic Style

The Halcyon 450 pays homage to it’s predecessors the Halcyon 250 and Halcyon 50, as well as classic builds through motorcycling history. While not a replica, it’s styled carry on the tradition of motorcycles that seek to marry form and function in a beautiful and personal way.

personalized & handbuilt

Hand-laid enamel graphics and pinstripes, hand-formed fenders, hand-hammered and welded stainless steel exhaust, and full-grain leather bags: just a few of the hand-manufactured and personalized details that make your Halcyon 450 one of a kind.

Lightweight & easy to ride

At 345 pounds, the Halcyon 450 sports a thrilling weight to power ratio that increases the enjoyment of moving through each gear during everyday riding. A light overall weight also instills confidence in riders of all stripes, allowing the rider to truly pilot the bike.