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(This advertisement originally appeared on the back cover of Motorcycle Classics Magazine)

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms of modern life?

DIZZINESS from the accelerating passage of time.
NAUSEA from the speed of technological change.
RESTLESSNESS from oft-deferred adventure plans.

You may be suffering from a maladjusted idyll speed. Unfortunately, many popular remedies only deepen the your spirit’s thirst for an idyllic experience, thereby forging for yourself a life-long trouble.

That’s why we at Janus Motorcycles have developed several effective treatments for a maladjusted idyll speed. Our lightweight, classic motorcycles possess profound restorative qualities our engineers are only just starting to comprehend. This much we know:

◊ Our simple, classic designs plant you firmly in the present moment, with no anxiety-inducing doodads and dongles to wrest you from your reveries.

◊ Our models are properly powered for enjoyable everyday idyllic adventures.

◊ A light weight and uncomplicated operation make it easy to ride out at the earliest symptom.

A WISE MAN once told us that it’s more important to have a good time than make good time. If your current remedy only addresses the latter, we gladly offer you the former.